Food Truck Insurance

Food Truck Insurance

Hit the Road with Confidence: Food Truck Insurance!

The Food truck life is all about the next location with delicious food and happy customers. But if an unexpected accident happens, you want to know you can get back on the road.

Not very many insurance companies work with Food Trucks and many of our clients have come to us, looking for a way to save when they’ve been turned down by multiple agents. At CalRose Insurance we have access to one of the best, little known programs that have saved some of our Food Truck businesses 30% on their auto and general liability insurance. Better still, this can be done without cutting coverage.

If you’ve been told by your agent that there is nothing that can be done to lower your insurance cost, allow us the chance to prove them wrong. At worst, you’ll have sent some paper work and had a few conversations when nothing will change, at best you save a lot of money.

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