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The Power of Short-Form Videos: Insurance Education on TikTok

Ema Roloff has always been passionate about education now teach adults about the importance of Digital Literacy and People-Driven Change. Whether it’s guiding businesses through the intricacies of technology adoption or inspiring individuals to embrace change, she’s on a mission to increase the success rate of digital transformation. In this episode of Leading Change, she…
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Meet Matt on a podcast

James Hagglund has a fun podcast where he interviews professionals in the Marysville Washington and greater Snohomish County area, who they are and what things they love about their community. In this episode he interviews our own Matt Layson and we learn a bit more about him. What are some of his favorite things around…
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A Work From Home Reversal At Farmers

Our own Matt Layson is active on social media channels where he shares insights on a number of issues related to the insurance industry and wider business trends and developments. Recently, he created a TikTok video commenting on a recent controversy at Farmers Insurance. That centered on Farmers’ reversal of a policy that had promised…
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